a dozen donuts... april fools!

This morning the mister found a bakery box on the counter.

I told him it was a dozen donuts. A nice Sunday surprise.

He opened the box to find mini "donuts".

April Fools!

Honey, who shrunk the donuts?

I was inspired by something I saw in the Disney family fun magazine while at a friend's house:

Frost a round piece of cereal, like cheerios or apple jacks, and top with sprinkles.

Very funny!


donut hole snowman


Hello, little snowman! I was inspired by Martha Stewart's ice cream and coconut snowman. What a cute idea, but just not the right party treat for our toddler craft party. Hmm, what else is round and little?

Donut holes!

At first, I imagined plain donut holes that I would frost, stick together, and top off with a toasted marshmallow hat like Martha. Funny thing is, I couldn't find plain donut holes. After I thought about it some more, I realized that frosting on top of donuts was not really necessary (especially for two year olds!) so why not just powdered sugar covered ones? That just made the whole project SO much simpler!

What you need:

3 powdered sugar covered donut holes



2 eyes (nonpareils, or 2 pieces cut from black licorice string, or anything else you can think of that will work, even two tiny dollops of black frosting)

carrot nose (I used a piece of candy corn, cut the orange middle and molded it into a carrot. You could also use marzipan and dye it orange.)

mouth (In this case, red decorating gel you can buy in the little tube in the baking section did the job!)

One skinny pretzel stick cut in half for arms.

whipped cream for snow (optional)

Here's the step-by-step:


Put a dollop of frosting on your plate. Place one donut hole in the frosting. Insert toothpick into the center of the donut, pointy side up. Do not push all the way down.


Add the second donut hole.


Add the third donut hole.


Use another toothpick to make indentations for your eyes, nose, and arms. Put a tiny amount of frosting in the holes to help hold everything in.


Insert eyes, nose, and arms.


Add a mouth.


Some whipped cream snow and a few sprinkles make a little more fun!


These little snowmen go together in minutes! Sure, you could add a hat and a scarf if you wanted, but I like them simple and sweet. I can't help but smile when I see them. The girls LOVED them!

a cozy teepee in the sun

It could have been the sunshine or the smell of the country air as I drove with the windows down, but I think it was the colorful grandma afghan's put to good use that made me smile from ear to ear today. Amazing! Do you think they'll mind if I stop in and play?