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I like to make things.

Things that are simple. Things that are a bit more complicated but are totally worth the extra effort, even if only I think so. Sweet things. Things covered with rainbow sprinkles. Crafty things. Glittery things. Blossoming things. Things that make me smile, and things that make our little one smile even bigger.

I thrive in the details. I make lists. I make mistakes. I try to make something from my mistakes. I like to learn. I like to teach and share. I like to find tiny treasures in the ordinary.



My husband started this blog for me as Christmas present in 2008. It's purpose was not only a way for me to connect with our family and friends that live far away but also to keep me motivated on my creative path as I took on my brand new role, and most important job, as a mama. Sure, I get sidetracked from time to time and the days fly by. I've learned after five years of having this blog that the most important thing for me is to be present in the moment with my family and enjoy our experiences together. 

Our family:

Weezie, our Brussels Griffon, likes long walks, ice cream, and to smile a bright underbite smile.

Clementine July, born on a hot and sunny summer day in 2009, has an extraordinary spirit that I admire greatly. Adventuring through life with her is a real joy.

Together with the mister we live happily in Portland, OR.

The pictures are our own (unless stated otherwise, of course!).