tiny succulent+glass votive+rocks & moss= smile


There once was a lady in need

of some sunshine, or just something green.

She found a little plant at the store,

brought it home, but realized it required something more-

the plastic pot was rather grim,

there must be something else to put it in.

No soil please, no larger pot,

she had to use what she had already got.

She glanced around the room and thought for a sec-

A votive, a few rocks, some moss, oh yes!

This would be easy, simple, and quick,

like a makeover magic trick!

The lady smiled, she is quite pleased.

I know this, of course, because the lady is me.


This is such a SIMPLE thing to do! And so inexpensive! So many possibilities: a simple gift for a friend/yourself/hostess, a windowsill, a mantle, a centerpiece, a party favor...

Oh, and might I also recommend Sharon Montrose's sweet photographs of animals in her book, Menagerie. Check out the Animal Print Shop! If only I had a bigger house and more walls. (Or was giving Clementine's room a makeover)

spring terrarium complete with bunnies


I thought it would be fun to make a spring themed terrarium.

My vintage bunnies (who ironically have tails made out of rabbit fur, ew!) are a perfect addition.

This would make for an interesting easter centerpiece. No bunnies? Use fuzzy yellow chicks. Or, for a more sophisticated look,  a small nest with dyed quail eggs would be amazing.

Terrariums are very popular right now. Supplies are readily available at nurseries and plant stores. Look for the small plants in mini pots and most likely a selection of air plants (tillandsia) as well. There are amazing glass containers from unusual shapes to hanging vessels, and of course you may just have the perfect thing lying around the house like a vase, mason jar, or in my case a punch bowl!

I started with rocks, added soil, and then placed my plants in. I chose a few small succulents, a fern, baby  tears, and then for the springy part: muscari, mini daffodils, and ipheion.  Unfortunately, the bulb plants are short lived, so they will either have to be replaced (but can be replanted in your yard!) or the centerpiece assembled a couple of days before it is needed. Some moss, found objects, rocks, shells, etc., are all great additions. How about a carrot?

Portland has some great places to go for assembling terrariums like Artemesia and Pistils, and there's always the Portland Nursery.

window box


I keep trying to remind myself that summer will come. It will be hot.

I probably will even complain about the heat and the sun, and maybe, just maybe I'll catch myself saying, "what I wouldn't do for a rainy day!" -

although right now I can't even imagine saying such a thing.

I planted our window boxes on our porch with summer heat in mind: cool colors, soothing textures, and low maintenance.

I used Echeveria  like 'lola', 'deranosa', and 'metallica', non stop tuberous begonias with black variegated leaves and white ruffly blossoms, 'blackie' potato vine, string of pearls, licorice plant, dusty miller, black grass, lamium, and sedum in super textured and/or silvery varieties.

I look forward to the summer and those evenings after I put the little miss to sleep and can relax in the lounge chair with a glass of wine, the smell of the air as it starts to cool, the way the sky at dusk will throw off golden hues against the purple and pink sunset and will illuminate the plants in the window box; their leaves iridescent and shimmery, a box of succulent love glowing in the night.

brown bag flowers

I know it's not a new idea,

but as I was taking the bunch of tulips I purchased for a friend out of the plastic wrapper looking for a quick and not too fussy presentation I remembered-

the brown bag.

I trimmed the stems and placed them in a wax paper sandwich bag to keep the brown bag dry, folded down the sides, placed the bunch in and cinched it with some twine.

It may not be for all occasions but there is something really appealing about it's simplicity.

(not to mention how easy it is to get those flowers into water and toss the wrapping into the recycling!)