tiny succulent+glass votive+rocks & moss= smile


There once was a lady in need

of some sunshine, or just something green.

She found a little plant at the store,

brought it home, but realized it required something more-

the plastic pot was rather grim,

there must be something else to put it in.

No soil please, no larger pot,

she had to use what she had already got.

She glanced around the room and thought for a sec-

A votive, a few rocks, some moss, oh yes!

This would be easy, simple, and quick,

like a makeover magic trick!

The lady smiled, she is quite pleased.

I know this, of course, because the lady is me.


This is such a SIMPLE thing to do! And so inexpensive! So many possibilities: a simple gift for a friend/yourself/hostess, a windowsill, a mantle, a centerpiece, a party favor...

Oh, and might I also recommend Sharon Montrose's sweet photographs of animals in her book, Menagerie. Check out the Animal Print Shop! If only I had a bigger house and more walls. (Or was giving Clementine's room a makeover)