halloween costume make-over


This year's Halloween costume decision for Clementine was an easy one;  she has been wearing a witch's hat since September. Plus, I think there is something really funny about a tiny little cutie dressed up as a witch. I found a costume at store. Gasp!! A store bought costume?!?! Could I really do it? I couldn't say no.

When it was all said and done I got it for $2.50. It was worth it for me to get it and give it a "home-made costume" make-over.

I added some sequins and sparkle...


and replaced the original skirt with pieces of multi-colored tulle and a top layer of sparkly polka dot tulle.


It lights up too! I pinned a small strand of purple LED lights to the lining under the tulle and made a pocket for the small battery pack. I bustled it up so she didn't trip and you could see her sweet striped leg warmers and sparkly black shoes.


I've always loved Halloween but there is just something about being a mom and experiencing it all over again in a new way that makes it even more fun!