make something: my version of a felt board

I was remembering the felt boards from elementary school. Hanging shapes on the wall is fun. Felt sticks to felt and is so colorful. This was going to be an easy project! I decided to forgo the idea of a felt "board". I just decided to hang a yard and a third of white felt on the wall. I used thumbtacks; more like a felt banner. It could easily be taken down if need be.

I cut out grass to put along the bottom. I hot glued this down so the little miss couldn't tear it off. Since it's hanging right next to her cardboard house it would be like a little yard. Cute! I guess I could have done light blue felt with clouds, etc. but like I said, this was a SIMPLE project!

Next, the fun part of cutting out shapes.

Down the road I might cut out  more elaborate shapes or numbers or maybe even little critters, but for today a big circle for a sun, some assorted raindrops, hearts, stars, squares, triangles, and a few flowers. Oh, and a cat. That word is in her vocabulary so I thought I would make one.

Such an easy craft project to do with your toddler and a great way for them to learn about shapes and colors as well as being creative!