senator megan snacks

once upon a time, on a wild half acre

nestled in a portland neighborhood,

there lived the nicest ever mr. and mrs.

he tended garden as she sang songs

and together they lived a happy life.

one morning, a blue bird whistled to get the mister's attention

as if to say,

"hey, come look over here!"

and that's when he found her...

tiny and sweet,

a little baby squirrel.

he picked her up. he would rescue this little critter.

it was always his dream to have a pet squirrel.

so he ran in the house to show his lady.

her heart pitter-pattered at the sight of it

and her motherly instincts immediately kicked in,

it would be part of their family.

together they nestled and fed it and gave it a cozy home,

and of course, a name...

senator megan snacks.