make your table a chalkboard table

I decided to give my butcher block work table a makeover.

I painted it with chalkboard paint.

I loved it so much, I decided to do a little table for Clementine, too!

butcher block table before

paint it black
let's do another table!

All done!

chalkboard table clementine

Clementine's table.

chalkboard table for the wee one

She can draw on it with giant chalk.

Older kids could play tic tac toe or hangman.

Dolls can play hopscotch.

chalkboard table after

As for my larger table...

chalkboard table placemat

chalkboard table placemat

Now there can be personalized (and erasable!) place mats.

Imagine a dinner party!

chalkboard table idea

Photos for blogging can be labeled!

So could wines, cheeses, or food at a buffet.

My brain jumps to how many ways this would be great for a party!

make a list on the table

To do lists can be written right on the table!

The possibilities are endless.

And erasable.