easter table


I decided that I would have a more 'grown up' easter table this year considering I will most likely have very whimsical themes in the coming years for the little miss to enjoy. All week I had envisioned purples in all different shades from flower to garden vegetable, and of course including my lovely quail eggs; a spring sampling of sorts. I tend to go a little crazy when making a centerpiece most likely because it is one way for me to pretend I am a florist again and also because a big, over the top centerpiece makes our dinner table for two and half actually feel like a holiday and not just another day.

I took a trip to the farmer's market in the rain on Saturday where I was able to find purplely-pink radishes, a lovely head of red cabbage, ruffly kale, vibernum 'snowballs', fragrant lilacs, hyacinths in three shades and a little inspiration. Later I found the purple hydrangea, bright green yoko ono mums, freesia, and ranunculus.


The arrangement took on a life of its own, as flower arrangements often do, once I started putting it together.  Although I originally imagined all purples with bright greens against the starkness of white linens, I ended up using a pale, cool blue burlap which had more of a rustic gardeny feel. The radishes and ranunculus were a nice pop of color. I am still amazed at those quail eggs. It's like a little robin found my nest.

nice melon bowl made by AB