The mulberry. Long, black, & beautiful.

long-mulberry"Have you ever had a mulberry? It will blow your mind."

This is what I heard from my friend as she picked mulberries while on the phone with me. No, I had never had a mulberry that I could remember. All I could think of was 'all around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel' and I'm not even sure if those were the animals in the song. That's just what came to me. She brought me a small container of these berries. I had never seen anything like them. They were so long and lovely!


It seemed strange to eat such a long berry. It was like eating a juicy worm. Or what I imagine that to be like. Except sweeter and packed with a delicate berry flavor.

lovely-mulberry-ear-decorSo much creative inspiration can be traced back to nature!