Making a mobile with an ikea hanging lamp

mobile1I knew from the moment I saw this Glansa pendant lamp hanging in IKEA it would make a perfect mobile base. It is basically a wreath frame wired with little LED lights. Although it looked pretty cool hanging on its own above the crib I had a plan to sweeten it up. mobile-leaf-ribbonI found this great leaf ribbon at a local fabric shop. It has a matte paper-like finish. It reminded me of the Tord Boontje Midsummer Lamp. Yes, I could have just ordered one of those but it wouldn't have been as fun to make.  Plus, I made those blue birds that needed a place to hang and be happy...


Step one. I covered the upper cords that the light hangs from with the leafy ribbon. Then I went around the frame of the light and then draped the last pieces randomly so there were 'vines' hanging down.


Step Two. I attached fishing line to my little blue birds and hung them around the frame at different lengths. Done!