hula party activity: make a paper lei

paper lei

Every hula girl needs a lovely flower lei to wear with her grass skirt. I really wanted fresh flowers but I have two things working against me: one, I'm not in Hawaii and my access to the appropriate flowers is very difficult and two, with temperatures expected to be 89 degrees the life expectancy of those blossoms is very short. A paper lei craft activity seemed to be the perfect answer. It was even easier than I thought thanks to Fiskars.

One Fiskars flower punch, straws cut into 1/2 inch pieces, silk roping, lovely colors of cardstock, a hole punch, and paper plates and I was ready to get these lei making kits together so that the guests would have all they need in one place.

I tied a straw "bead" to one end of the silk roping and on the other end I put a little dab of clear nail polish to keep it from coming undone as well as make it easier to thread the flowers and beads. The idea is to do one flower and then one bead, but I'm sure there will be a little creative lei making interpretation going on. I look forward to seeing them!