Five! {In cocktail umbrellas}

Miss Clementine turns five years old today! Time flies. This year we are having a small hula girl party to celebrate. While searching for some tropical party inspiration I came across a wreath covered in cocktail umbrellas. A cute idea that I customized to suit our party.

Instead of buying one large piece of 1" styrofoam I opted for two smaller pieces. I put them together, drew out my big 5, and then cut it out with a sharp knife. (They do sell special foam knives but I just used what I had.) Styrofoam glue and some toothpicks helped my number five stick together. Crepe paper streamer was the perfect size to glue around the outside of the number so it had a more finished look. Now the fun part: Umbrellas! I ordered a box from amazon. One by one I put a dab of glue on the end of the umbrella pick and stuck it into the foam trying to vary the colors a bit and not create too much of a pattern. This would be easy to do for any number/age and looks so great hanging on the wall or even a door.