Make your own Hula Girl Ring Toss

What better game for a hula party than hula girl ring toss? Call those rings hula hoops and you have twice the amount of hula fun!

This is how I made it:

1 storage container

3 dolls from the dollar store clothing removed shoes kept on

decorative tape (I had green on hand)

sequins ribbon

hot glue gun/glue

raffia or 'wrapphia' ribbon

embroidery floss of thin elastic roping

flower stickers

3 jar lids

1 50lb bag of play sand

plastic rings (We had them from a ring toss game already)

I used green tape to make a "bikini bottom" on each doll. Next, I hot glued the sequins ribbon to make a "bikini top".

The harder and more time consuming part of this project was making the hula skirts. I used wrapphia ribbon which can be found at craft supply stores. Starting with a 7-8 inch piece I knotted on smaller pieces one after the other the to make the skirt. You really only need about 4-5 inches of skirting. Trim the bottom of the skirt to appropriate length and then tie on doll. 

To make the lei, I stuck flower stickers on a piece of elastic roping. Hot glue helped to keep it in exactly the right place on the doll.

To help anchor the dolls in the sand I hot glued their feet to a jar lid. 

To assemble: place sand in storage container, arrange dolls, top with more sand and start tossing those rings!