wood grain easter eggs

The mister said neon. I said wood grain. I have two days to figure out a way to combine the two. I like challenges and lucky for me I love neon with neutrals (like wood!).

Yes, I could've just bought wooden eggs. Where's the fun in that? I started with a blown out white egg, used a brown crayon and drew some lines and swirls for wood grain. Then came the dipping and sometimes over night soaking in a brown liquid of choice. I tried many. Making brown with food coloring never really gave me the color I was looking for. Thanks to a little friend's science project on the effects of certain liquids on the enamel of your teeth (where she used an egg to represent a tooth), I learned that caramel coloring in good old soda pop is a great way to turn both your teeth and my wood grain Easter egg a perfect shade of brown! Tea, wood oil, brown water color, and a nice cup of Stumptown were also used. It's good to keep in mind that a hot liquid will melt off your waxy wood grain! 

It was a fun experiment. 

I also tried some tonal wood grain using bright pink and neon green. 

Moss, mushrooms, and neon embroidery thread are also part of the plan. We'll see how it all comes together. I was worried that the little miss would be disappointed with the lack of sparkle, and general disregard for any typical Easter colors, but she told me she loves the 'wood' eggs and it all looks so beautiful. Thank you, woodland fairy phase!