Yes, it's Monday and we're all smiling. Even Weezie.

When you take your first and only child to her six month check up and the doctor tells you that she's very bright and astute and to keep up the good work it really can put a smile on your face. A nice pat on the back for two parents who have no idea what they're doing and really just wing it.

That makes for a happy Monday.

But what really makes it a happy Monday is that it brings us one day closer to Tuesday and the ever anticipated last season of Lost. I think the mister and I will have ourselves a Lost party. Mango, papaya, fish, and most certainly cake. A Dharma cake. I have a plan...

Panettone. Not just a holiday treat for you...

Apparently Weezie was mad that all she got for her birthday was a swirly beef tendon and a plate of whipped cream. I guess she really wanted something along the lines of a bread loaded with sugar, butter, citrus and raisins. For when we returned home, she greeted us with kisses and a sweetly familiar, holiday scented beard. It was then I looked down to find this freshly baked $20 panettone from the Pearl Bakery on our living room rug. I thought it was safe neatly packed in the priority mail box waiting to be sent to grandma's house. I was wrong.

santa weez and friends

weez1santa weez

Every year I make an ornament transforming our beloved furry friend, Weezie, into a holiday favorite. The first year I got a little carried away with how many I made and santa weez covered our tree. It was quite a sight! Oh what a photo, felt, chenille stems and some glitter can do! It makes us laugh every time.

weezie the red nosed reindeer

frosty the snow weez

What will she be this year? Check back tomorrow to find out!