handprint rudolph


Once again I searched for some holiday craft ideas; this is one that I found. It's a pretty simple concept and it helps that the little miss is just slightly obsessed with Rudolph. So all in all, a perfect idea for the younger set.


I find that it helps to have all the components of the project together in a sort of craft pack. In this case, a plate worked just fine. It keeps everything at hand and it's fun for the little ones to see all of the different parts that will make up their final project. You can talk about them, "hmmm, what do you think this red pom pom will be? An eye? No! That would be funny."


This is what we used. I have a thing for google eyes, definitely not necessary, nor is the bell, but I thought it would be fun. You could just use red glitter and some glue to make a shiny nose instead of a pom pom, or even put brown glitter on the 'antlers' or use a flocked paper. It could be as simple as you want it to be. There are so many ways to tweak it.


Trace each hand and cut out.

I like the hand print projects, when the kids get older they can look back and see how tiny their hands once were. Paste the 'antlers' on the head, either on the front or back. Add some eyes, a shiny nose and a mouth. The girls aren't using glue on their own yet, in fact Clementine put it on her lips like lip gloss, bad idea! So, we just asked them where everything went and attached it for them. Draw on a mouth...Addie wanted Rudolph's tongue to be sticking out. Why not?! A jingle bell tied on with a gold pipe cleaner was the final touch.


My favorite part is how proud the girls are of their work!