gingerbread s'more?


Gingerbread marshmallows? Oh, Jet-Puffed, you think of everything!

I couldn't resist picking up a bag of these. To be honest, they are kind of addicting

(in a really bad for you, eat too many and have a belly-ache kind of way).

None the less, I had to try to make a s'more with one.

Once you toast them it's hard to even tell what shape it is and if you put a graham cracker on top, well, it's hard to even taste the gingerbread flavor, however artificial it may be.

So, it didn't work.

That's okay!

It's made me crave real chewy ginger molasses cookies and old fashioned gingerbread. I've added them both to my baking list.

It even made me think of a great craft idea for the little miss.

Let the holiday season begin!