turkey hat day

Clementine and her friend, Addie, had a little turkey party yesterday. On the agenda: turkey hats, "turkey" snacks, turkey cupcakes, and a whole lot of gobbling.


Oh, turkey hats!

I searched online for some inspiration and came up with this.

The real feathers are my favorite part!


I had all of the pieces cut out and ready to glue. Since the girls are only two there is only so much crafting they can do.

They showed us where the google eyes and beak would go on the turkey face and then carefully chose each feather and placed it on the turkey body for us to tape down. Afterwards, I hot glued a piece of brown paper over the feather tips to cover all of the tape. The sides were stapled together at the appropriate head size and then red wings were glued over the staples to hide them.


g o b b l e .  g o b b l e.


And for the snacks?

Well, it wouldn't be a true craft party without some reference to Martha! Thank you, Sara Westbrook, for coming up with this clever idea as featured on Martha Stewart. Check out this link to see how it's done. It is VERY easy and so FUN!


No, I didn't make them.

Cupcakes were not on my list. You (I) can't do everything! These bright little guys caught my eye in the Whole Foods bakery display. Perfect finale for our turkey party!