composition book remake=fun party favor!


Yes, rainbow sprinkle notebooks!

I had a vision of binding small notebooks of plain paper for each of the kids as part of the party favor. The cover would obviously reflect our colorful theme. I wasn't sure exactly how much that would cost but while browsing the back to school section I found a deal I couldn't resist: composition books for 40 cents. I'm pretty sure I couldn't beat that.

Enter 8.5 x 11 prints of my rainbow sprinkle photo, xtreme glue stick, and x-acto knife. Using the glue stick I covered the entire surface of the front and back cover of the composition book and then placed my printed page on top, pressing firmly to make sure it was attached at the very edges. I then cut off the excess paper with the sharp blade.

I had planned on using colored duck tape over the black binding but as it turned out, that glue worked really well and I liked how it looked with the white border and the black. Great! Less work!

Just like that this plain old composition book has been transformed into table decoration and party favor!