How to glam up your moon cacti

red and pink moon cacti

Back when I had a flower shop I would get these in just for conversation pieces. The students really seemed to like them. I always thought they were a little cheesy. They are bright and quirky, so I decided to give them a chance.

I did a little research and found out that they were created in nurseries in Japan. They start as mutant seedlings lacking chlorophyll, which is why they are bright red, pink, or orange instead of green. They can't survive on their own without the chlorophyll for photosynthesis so they are grafted onto green stocks,many times the hylocereus trigonus.

You can find them at florists or even Home Depot or Lowes. You just have to overlook the foil and shiny packaging and see that they can be made into something better.

Click on the pictures below to see how to give your moon cacti a makeover!

Remember, the moon cacti prefer light shade. Bright sunshine will fade their color. Water sparingly.