crayon roll up

Today I needed to make something. Anything.

I had a small window of time with my sewing machine. I started with a bag in mind but then I thought of something else.

In preparation of our upcoming travels east and the simple fact that as a mom I always have crayons in my bag, I decided to make a canvas crayon roll up.

I labeled each one-inch pocket with the color and name using my trusty sharpies. This makes it more than just a handy storage case, it's also a matching game! We love matching games.

Whenever the little miss sees writing on objects she starts calling out letters. This will be just one more step in familiarizing her with words and colors.

"Whooooaaaaaa!" she said (imagine a deep raspy, drawn out whoa with her lips in a perfect oval) when she saw it.  Yes, I think she likes it.

Sure beats carrying around a zip lock bag of crayons. This is much cuter.