make something: {egg} bunny in a tutu

I have issues. The household chores beckon me along with many other projects, yet I found it ever so important to make a ballerina bunny out of an egg. How cute would these look at each place setting for the easter table?!

Blow out the insides of the egg (same as directed in making blue {egg} birds).  I put two holes at the top to blow into; one for each ear, which is made out of felt and then backed with paper to help it stand up straight. I cut "feet" out of one piece of felt and hot glued it to the bottom the egg. The bunny may stand up fine on her feet and will definitely be able to hold herself up with the tutu, but you will see I also made a paper ring to assist. In the end, I removed the ring. For the tutu, I gathered one long piece of tulle and hot glued it around the "waist". I left my tutu long but it could be trimmed shorter. A pom pom for the cotton tail and some sharpies for the face.