make something: blue {egg} birds

I first imagined these to be a little different; more refined, pretty. However, my reality is entertaining a 20 month old, so these birds had to be SILLY!

Start with  fresh white eggs. The inside will have to be removed by using a small nail to make a tiny hole on each end of the egg and blowing. The beauty of this project is that the holes end up getting covered so they can be larger than normal to make this whole process a little easier. This can be done before or after dying. I think it is easier to dye the whole egg since it sinks into the cup, but this results in blue lips after blowing out the eggs. Keep that in mind!

Enter my kid craft staples: felt, google eyes, pipe cleaners, hot glue and feathers.

You should see the little miss smile and say "caw! caw!", it is most certainly a stamp of approval.

This would be a great easter project to do with craft-crazy kids!