rainbow cupcakes

oooh. aaahhhh.

Rainbow cupcakes.

A little something I was very excited to try out and no better excuse than for a nice friend's birthday.

They are so fun!

Knowing that layering colors of batter would be slightly labor intensive, I started with white cake mix and divided it into six bowls. Drops of food coloring made the rainbow colors.

Spoon a little of the colored batter into the cupcake cup and push to the edges. Repeat until your rainbow has been made. This is no easy task. I wasn't sure exactly how much to use and was slightly afraid that all six colors wouldn't fit. My cupcakes papers were VERY full. Next time I know to uses a little less.

I got a little lazy by the second tray and sort of left blobs of colors without actually spreading them to the sides. You know what? They actually came out just as pretty!

I frosted them with whipped white frosting and rainbow sugar.

Click on the photos below to see the process: