flat parsley


My husband made us dinner last night from the Anthony BourdainLes Halles cookbook he received as a Christmas present. He went to the market to get all of his ingredients and  enthusiastically pursued his 'in another life' dream of being a chef. I glanced at the recipe and saw that it called for one sprig of flat parsley yet there was a bunch of curly parsley sitting on the counter. When I asked him about it he pointed to the pie serving knife and said, in all seriousness, "I know. I tried flattening it out the best I could."

He realized after I burst out laughing that maybe there was really such a thing as flat parsley. The kind that came already flattened straight from the fields. Why a pie server as a flattening tool? He said he looked, but couldn't find a mallet.

Real life in the kitchen makes me smile. And dinner was delicious.