miss you my darling...


Thinking of my grandfather this Veterans Day.

When I was younger I was going through my grandparent's records and came across a 45 in a simple kraft cover. It was a record that my grandfather had made for my grandmother while he was away. "My darling, I miss you...and your sparkling green eyes...", that's what I remember from it. Really, that's all I needed to hear. I was the age where that made me giggle and tease my grandfather.  "Oh, I miss your sparkling green eyes, my darling," I would coo at the two of them. They would just smile, my grandfather blushing slightly.

I loved to listen to that 45 and imagine the soldiers waiting in line to record loving messages for their sweethearts at home. And the girls listening to  them over and over just to hear that voice and be comforted. I imagine the excitement, the butterflies, and the angst of missing someone so much.

Whatever happened to "my darling"? It seems to be a sentimental phrase from the past. I close my eyes and can only hear it in black and white. "My darling, I miss you...and your sparkling green eyes..."

So romantic and true.