a perfect day

 tulip festival 2013

tulip festival 2013

The sun has been shining down on us in Portland which makes us stop everything and play outside. The trees have gone from glorious blossom to full green leaves. The petals have fallen off the tulips and the baby ducks have hatched at school.

I wanted to share a note that came home attached to Clementine's school bag today. It pretty much sums it all up:

"What a glorious day to be a preschooler. Clementine is just so gentle and sweet when holding a baby chick! The little chick didn't even "peep" under her calm care.

Two containers of caterpillars arrived yesterday and we all are hoping to watch the process of butterflies hatching.  We will later release them in the garden.

We all had a lovely snack picnic sitting on the stumps in the backyard and Clementine was a big help watering all the seedlings in the driveway and she just loves riding on the green tree swing.  She's able to get on and off by herself.

Today was just a perfect preschool day!"