Just back from Kaua'i. It was a much needed dose of sunshine, relaxation, and good ol' family time. Swimming, sand cake making (no castles here!), surf watching, sun basking (with sun block, of course!), hula dancing, and sunset viewing were our daily activities. 

The little miss and I took two lei making classes. One where I learned how to make a braided tai leaf lei, which is pictured above where I'm holding it in between my toes. I was very excited to learn this new trick. The second, Clementine and I worked together. She strung the beautiful crown flower (all by herself!) and I added the orchids. It was definitely a proud mom moment for me. 

We did a little bit of exploring to see some of Kauai's beautiful sites, and we attended a luau per Clementine's desperate request. You know those times you can look at someone and witness true bliss? Well, I saw it in her sparkling, smiling eyes that night. From the plumeria lei that she was greeted with, the excitement of staying up late, watching those dancers and then joining them up on stage, being mystified by the man who danced with fire; she was so happy. It was palpable and contagious.

That's what we all need, right? A little bliss.

Okay. Time to do laundry.