Green Grass Wedding {with a pop of pink}

On the calendar it's the first day of spring. Sure, the trees are in blossom, the daphne is intoxicating, and the daffodils and crocuses have been smiling at me for a couple of weeks,  but when I close my eyes I'd like to imagine running around with bare feet on a carpet of thick, lovely, green grass with the sun shining down on me.

For that reason, I thought it would be a great time to share pictures of my sister's wedding that happened back in August. Her theme was green and pink. The green being glorious wheat grass; simple and perfect. 

The couple chose Capellero's in Bethel, CT for the location which was just the right setting. It has a sort of rustic barn-like appeal with a slightly more polished edge, mixed with a vintage summer mountain resort (for some reason I kept thinking Dirty Dancing) feeling. They've painted the inside walls and ceiling dark gray and hung large white paper lanterns and painted white branches covered with white lights down from the ceiling. This was a day wedding with BBQ on the menu. A sunshine, bring your kids along, yes, there will be cotton candy there, everybody have fun kind of affair.

As the maid (oh, I guess matron!) of honor and personal florist/wedding planner, I was put to work as soon as I left the baggage area of JFK. (Enter sister's eye roll here.)

I loved it. 

First, the grass centerpieces. The bride had been soaking the grass seed so it was ready to be planted. She had done a test run and knew we needed seven days to achieve the look we wanted for the centerpiece. We also planted the wooden tray that would become the place to "Find Your Seat", where place cards were cut like little flags and hung from mini wooden clothespins on a line of twine, and the "Box of Love". (Both of these were painted with chalkboard paint so they could easily be labeled and look cool, too.  This coordinated well with the table numbers that went into each centerpiece.)

Box of love? The couple came up with the brilliant idea of making a box with a hinged lid and built in slot on top. Grass could be planted around the slot and wedding cards could be inserted. GENIUS! It was such a big box we decided to make it a place for guests to leave messages or ideas for date nights as well as their cards. "Box of Love" seemed like an appropriate title. 

To add a pop of color on the table we made mini bright pink tissue paper flowers tied with thin green satin ribbon and placed one on each napkin. 

Pink and green lanterns in all sizes decorated the pergola where the wedding ceremony occurred, and I placed some on the floor in front of their table which over looked the dance floor. I had never used lanterns on the floor before. I liked it. It added some color, and by the end of the party, the kids were throwing them around like beach balls. Oh dear.

Guests were able to leave their mark by making a thumb print balloon above a classic camaro (the groom is into cars!) We used washable ink and left a package of baby wipes close by to clean up with. It was a fun activity. Cupcakes were served for dessert, of course, placed in grass printed baking cups and topped with edible pink butterflies we found on etsy. 

All of this grass made it especially easy for me as the florist. I only had to make the bride's bouquet which was an array of hot pink blossoms with some beautiful emerald hydrangea. The little miss was delighted to be a flower girl and toss out hot pink rose petals but, she was mostly delighted to wear a long hot pink satin dress with a bright green crinoline underneath,  just like her mama. Crinolines are super fun. Even my niece, the mini flower girl, had one. Too cute.

Although I'm sure I was bossy from time to time (enter sister eye roll here), I was really happy to be a part of my sister's special day. I know that most brides and bridesmaids opt for a day at the spa before the big affair, but I like that home made, frantic, work together and get it all done feeling. It makes the wedding day even more filled with love.

{P.S. On a Do-it-yourself wedding budget? A grass themed wedding is a budget friendly way to make your own wedding centerpieces! Looking for green grass invites? Here's the printable wedding invitation she used from etsy!}