easter splatter. Making a beautiful mess.

This year's Easter theme was a messy pastel splatter. I've always loved what it looks like when all of the egg dyes drip all over the tray as we are dying our Easter eggs. I suppose that's where the inspiration came from. Plus, what a fun project to do with little hands to help!

In my ideal world I was hoping to do this project outdoors. This is Portland, I should've expected it to be raining. With a drop cloth on the floor of our dining room, four buckets of dye, and some droppers we got to work splattering. The napkins came first. I happened to have a bunch of white napkins that were stained from use. This was a great way to give them new life! We used rubber bands in addition to the splattering. It was a rinse and repeat process. Each napkin was a little work of art. Freedom came when working on the tablecloth. I found myself using my hands and scooping out the dye tossing it wildly through the air hoping that it didn't reach the walls. All went well. 

There definitely was a lovely satisfaction to setting the table with our creations. We could sit and enjoy our Easter breakfast and admire our work!