tissue paper heart garland


It was time to take down the snowflakes and start thinking about valentine decorations. Last year's were all tangled in a box. I needed something new.

I recalled heart garland that I had seen on etsy made of felt. I like that idea, but it seemed a little heavy. Tissue paper was my answer.

Seriously, this is such an EASY project! If you can sew a straight stich on your machine you're good to go. It took me longer to hang these up than it did to make them!

Here's what I did:


I picked up some sparkly pink tissue paper from the dollar store, made a heart shape out of sturdy paper, stacked up my tissue paper, traced my heart and cut.


I stitched the tissue paper hearts together at the widest part for the most support, and left a little space in between in each heart.


The tissue paper is much stronger than you think. I love how light and delicate it looks when hung. It glows in the sunlight and if you can find the sparkle paper it has a great subtle glimmer!