sparkly chewy ginger cookies


This month's bon appetit has some amazing cookie recipes. Of course, I will be making the pink peppermint meringues that grace the cover, but first I had a hankering for some ginger cookies.

The recipe calls for powdered, fresh, and crystalized ginger. I didn't have any crystalized, so I just added a little more fresh ginger.

The sticky dough is spooned out into a bowl of raw sugar, which is what they used and does look lovely and naturally sparkly, but since I had no raw sugar at the house I used the second option which was sanding sugar. I just happened to have many colors on hand.

After covering the dollop of gingery goodness in sugar, it is rolled into a ball and placed on a cookie sheet. I was quite enamored with these little gems and I hadn't even cooked them yet! They looked so pretty sitting there on the parchment.

I waited anxiously for the twelve minutes to go by as they cooked. One, because I was so eager to taste them but mostly, two, because Clementine was kind of whining and carrying on that she wanted a cookie.

"A pink one, mama! No cook! No cook! Clementine want a pink cookie mama, please. C-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-k-ie!" Repeat. Repeat again. You get the picture. It was a long twelve minutes. Plus cooling time, which is a little hard to explain to a two year old, but when all was said and done, definitely worth it! This recipe is a keeper.