repurposing a vintage paper napkin

Maybe you're like me and when you're out and about rummaging you may pick up a set of vintage paper napkins; be it holiday, cocktail with random one liners on them, or just some print that tickled you're fancy. Never used, they are perfect, still with their original price tag of 59 cents (or something silly). I even have one collection that I found all wrapped up in an old wonderbread plastic bag, how could I resist? I always scoop them up. I don't think I have ever used any of them for their intended purpose. Actually, I don't think I've ever used any them at all! They just sit in the magic closet in a box labeled "assorted paper and other interesting things" awaiting some creative repurposing.

Why not a gift bag?

It's simple. It's made of scraps. It's a bit sloppy, but let's just say that's the charm!

I cut one piece of canvas with pinking sheers, sewed the front of the napkin to one side and the back to the other with a zig zag stitch, attached pipe cleaners for handles, bundled up some ribbons and tacked them in what would be the bottom corner, then folded the whole thing in half and stitched it together. A perfect size for a small gift or even some stems of flowers. Happy Birthday, Mom!