drunken gummy bears


Drunken gummy bears.

I know, I know!  I said I was planning a first birthday party, so why am I boozin' up the bears?

Because it sounds like so much fun.

I had never heard of drowning your gummy bears in alcohol before. Unusual cruelty or fun adult treat? I'll go with the latter. I suppose the best part of this story is that is was my mother who told me about this. She made them for a party. They were a big hit. My surprise in the fact that she was the one telling me was overshadowed by my pure excitement in making these for my husband, an avid gummy bear eater.


Three small packages of haribo gummy bears went into a jar with a lid. (Minus the ones that were consumed in the preparation process!) Equal parts citron vodka and watermelon schnapps were poured over the bears and then gently stirred. I used about a half cup of each. Seal up the jar and put into the fridge. Let those little bears soak. As they absorb the alcohol, replenish in equal parts. Keep refrigerated. Repeat for at least three days.

I'll update as they soak and grow!


gummy after soaking