make a photo sachet for mother's day

I think hand-made Mother's Day gifts are the best.

It will be so much fun when Miss Clementine and I can get crafty together making gifts for all of the grandmas. I envision glitter and paint everywhere!

This year she was more of an inspiration and a cheerleader.

What should "we" make?

Clementine's new 'trick' is to smell. She crinkles up her nose and breathes in. It's cracks us up every time.  I decided to make something that smells lovely, is relatively simple, and easy to mail.

Lavender sachets made a little more personal (and a little less boring) by adding a cute photo.

I had one of my favorite pics of the little miss printed in wallet size. Off to the magic closet for some scraps of fabric, tulle and lace. No measuring here. I wanted these to scream hand made with love!

I cut two squares of lightweight floral fabric. On one I placed four pieces of tulle with the picture on top and sewed around the edges of the photo with a zigzag stitch.

With the same zigzag stitch I added lace around the photo.

Next, I attached the bottom square by topstitching with a straight stitch around three sides leaving one open to fill with the lavender.  I used pinking shears to trim the tulle and the three sides.

Dried lavender from the farmer's market to fill each sachet.

Stitched up the fourth side and trimmed with the pinking shears.

Simple. And I feel so relaxed from smelling all of that lavender.