dyeing brown eggs

This never even crossed my mind. Why haven't I tried this before?

"Because your mom didn't do it," replied my husband.

True. I grew up in a white egg household,

convinced that brown eggs actually tasted different than white eggs.

Farm-ier.  Funny. I had never even tried one.

What does farm-ier even mean?

Now brown eggs are the only kind I buy.

Well, except for the two dozen I pick up at Easter time.

White eggs for bright springy colors or pretty pastels.

Yesterday, while flipping through the pages of this month's Sunset Magazine, I came across a dozen dyed brown eggs.

The colors were so earthy, rich and beautiful.

I happened to have four hard boiled eggs in fridge so I gave it a try.

It takes a lot longer to dye them but once you plop them in the cups of color you can just walk away.

This may not be ideal for smaller ones who are anxious to stripe, decal, and sparkle, but for me it is worth the wait.

The result is jewel toned loveliness.