because that's how mondays go sometimes

Something motivated me to make quiche yesterday.

Little individual broccoli, red pepper and gruyere quiches made in large muffin tins. I was excited to make the spinach crumb crust like my cousin, Stacie, makes. I really enjoy that crumb crust. So buttery. I especially love how it looks kind of wild and jagged with flecks of green spinach.

That Stacie, she makes a mean quiche.

Off to a good start.

Looking good!

Beautiful. A slice of  tomato on top with a little sprig of thyme.

These were going to be great.

But alas, I got sidetracked feeding Miss Clementine and these beauties cooked a little too long turning their crusts a deep brown and that lovely green spinach was charred and crispy.

That's just how things go sometimes as a mom on a monday.

Edible but not photographable.

Imagine that they were great.