hoot hoot in the cute owl suit

owl-costumeI thought it would only be appropriate if Clementine was an owl for her first Halloween. A magical colorful owl! That's the best part of making your own costume, you can make it anyway you want! I needed this to be as easy and simple as possible which meant NO SEWING!  With my trusty hot glue gun and some colored felt, I sketched out my idea and got to work.

I folded a yard of brown felt in half and marked the shape of my owl body by using one of Clementine's pajamas as a guide for shoulder width and overall length. I cut it out, which gave me the front and back piece. I attached them together by using hot glue on the sides of the body close to the edge, starting about five inches down from the shoulder, leaving enough room for her arms, and stopping about eight inches up from the bottom point, leaving room for her wiggly feet and making it a bit easier for diaper changes.

hoot-triangles1I made a triangle pattern and used it as my guide to cut out different colored "feathers", which I placed on the front of the body in my desired pattern and then hot glued them down.

hoot-feathersI love how the felt can hold it's shape. It made the feathers look a little ruffled.


I attached two pieces of velcro (one on each side) to the inside of the body on the shoulder line leaving more than enough room for her neck.


Finally, I cut out two wings in bright pink and attached them to the body.

For the owl head, I happened to come come across a brown knit hat that had two 'ears'...perfect! I just had to glue on eyes and a beak.