Apple Pie Ball

pie-ballAhh, apple season. We were craving the yummy apple dumplings from Brookfield Orchards but, unfortunately couldn't make a day trip to Massachusetts. So, we tried to make our own. I was feeling a bit lazy and decided to use pre made pie crusts. I know, I know...but the reality is they are flaky, tasty and already made so why not use them! I rolled out the EZ dough and cut it into four sections. Peeled four apples and cored them. Placed one apple on one dough section. Put a little cinnamon sugar mixture in the core as well as a little pad of butter and folded up the dough around the apple. Then I brushed an eggwhite water mixture over the dough so it browns up nicely. I put all four apples close together in a small baking dish.

Many of the dumpling recipes call for a syrup that you make and bake them in. The ones that we had back on the east coast didn't come that way and again, I was looking for the easiest, fastest way to have a sweet treat so in the oven at 375 degrees they went. You know they are done when they turn golden and flaky and make your house smell all homey and delicious!


Sure, they were warm and yummy but they didn't taste like the dumplings we remembered. My husband said it was like eating a pie ball. I agreed, and for some reason that name makes me laugh. So, if your looking for a fall apple treat maybe you should whip up some easy bake pie balls!