Storing those great ideas, inspirations & recipes

magsMy magazines are piling up. I like to go through them and tear out recipes, ideas, and pictures that may inspire future culinary, craft, gardening or decorating projects as well as pictures of houses or architectural details. What do I do with all of these pictures and pages that I tear out? Well, I put them in an idea book, of course.

binders2I bought large three ring binders with the clear pocket on the front and back.

wallpaperI used some vintage wallpaper from this great sample book I have to make the front and back covers of my binders.


Tear out those pages.


Lots of ideas and recipes to try...

place-in-page-protectorPlace it in a clear page protector and put in in the appropriate notebook.


I have a book for:

Flowers, which includes arrangements and pictures of individual flower varieties.

Crafts and Living, which includes ideas for projects arranged by season as well as a section for home and garden.

Recipes. Book one. Breakfast and Desserts.

Recipes. Book two. Cocktails, soups, appetizers, vegetables and main dishes.

I also take pictures of things I have made or recipes that I have printed online or received from friends and file them away.


It's a great resource to have all of these ideas and recipes in one place.

When I need to be inspired I just flip through the pages!