Place your bets!!! When do you think the baby will arrive?

baby-in-bellyTest your psychic abilities and dazzle your friends with your insight into guessing birth dates!

If you win maybe we'll let you pick the name.

Just kidding!

But you'll have bragging rights!

Leave a comment with your guess of day and time frame. Our expectant due date is the 18th. When does that ever happen?! And for those of you who already guessed the full moon on the 7th, looks like you'll have to guess again!

Our pick? Well, 22 has been a lucky number in this house. Although I thought a birth date of today would be kind of great... 7/8/09! Easy to remember!

We're looking forward to see what you think!


By the way, this cute letterpress card is from FuguFugu Press.