grandmabelle the strawberry queen

I have a tiny little grandmother named Annabelle. We call her grandmabelle. She has a thing for strawberries. Her small apartment is a strawberry shrine. She makes tea in a strawberry shaped teapot, serves it in a strawberry cup and she'll set it upon the strawberry tablecloth with the napkin holder painted with strawberries. If you ask her what time it is, she'll look over at her strawberry clock. The curtains are adorned with her favorite red fruit as well as the pillows, blankets, towels, dishes, some of her shirts and sweaters, her slippers and all of the artwork hanging on the walls. Countless strawberry knick knacks, always dusted, are on display on her shelves. Her purse is a lovely strawberry pattern and her little earrings? Strawberries of course. 

Yesterday she was treated to a manicure for her birthday. How do you think she had her nails painted? One guess....