A singing princess.

A trip down memory lane.

When Clementine first showed an interest in princesses I cringed. No, not pink! Not princesses! No, please no! I gave in of course. I mean, I do like pink myself at times and why should my daughter not follow her imagination down the fanciful road of princesses dressed in long gowns. She has plenty of time later to learn the truths about not needing a prince to save her and live happily every after. Fairy tales are entertaining. We embraced it and like all things little kids are passionate about, it was short lived. I sort of miss those days when she would come down to dinner dressed in her gown and fancy shoes. I found this video when I was sorting through pictures on the computer. Clementine is three here singing a song our babysitter taught her from The Little Mermaid. It made me cry. I remember those days and how I would sometimes count down the minutes to bed time. Now I wish I could slow it all down. It all goes too fast!