{Home made} Princess Party Invitation


It's been a while; a whirlwind summer of fun is upon us. The little miss turned four! It seemed the princess theme was simply unavoidable so I did what any mom would do: I dove head first into the royal pool of sparkly princess life. The invitations came first.

Clementine has told me many times that Clementine is merely her nickname and her real name is Rapunzel. Rapunzel Clementine July 31st to be exact, but I could just call her Rapunzel for short. Someone has seen Tangled a few times. I'm okay with that, it was a cute movie. As much as I chagrin walking down the Disney princess toy aisle at Target, the little miss lives for it. My mission for her party was not to alienate the characters and stories she's come to know and love (and reenact constantly) but to have a royal party that those characters might like to come to (read: no princess merchandise party decor please). Dress up as your favorite princess and come have a a royal ball with us!  Clementine was very excited to be Rapunzel, wig and all.

For the invitations I made a tower with the little miss tossing out her hair which was braided yarn (an idea I saw on Etsy), then I tied a small scroll to the bottom of the hair which read:


We wrapped each invite in sparkly tissue paper for a little protection, packed it into a large envelope and sent them off!

For a digital version for a few of the older princess friends I used the Beautiful Mess app and whipped this up: 



Now for the party!