confetti eggs {with rainbow sprinkles}

I love the idea of eggs filled with confetti with one exception: I don't want to clean them up.

Last year, I decided that all of those rainbow sprinkles I had could be put to good use; they became the confetti in our eggs! 

I made a rather large hole at the bottom of my egg so that the insides would fall out without actually having to blow them out. After rinsing completely, I dyed them different colors and let them dry. Using a small funnel, I filled the eggs about halfway with rainbow sprinkles. I put some glue around the hole and placed a piece of tissue paper over it to keep the sprinkles in. For a finishing touch, I glued a small piece of fringed tissue paper garland (that you can find in party stores or on etsy) on top of the piece of tissue paper covering the hole. Presto! 

The confetti egg had a similar weight to a real egg, so I decided not to tell the little miss that I did anything special and got some spoons out for a good, old fashioned egg race. She wasn't quite three yet and didn't really understand why we would ever ask her to run a race carrying a spoon with an egg on it. She was nervous about dropping it. Of course, it didn't take long to fall off the spoon. Her worried eyes opened wide...

SPLAT! SURPRISE! Rainbow Sprinkles! 

The best part, beyond the big smile on Clementine's face? The rain could clean them up for us!