{fresh} pineapple upside down cake

I've got sunshine on the brain. Spring break lurks. For us, well, it's in the form of two pineapples that the mister brought home from work. There they sat on the counter just begging for some attention.

Thanks to the Joy of Baking, one lucky pineapple will have its dreams answered; to be lovingly consumed by us as we imagine our toes in the sand and the sunshine upon our face. 

Yes, that is me above hand whisking my egg whites and cream of tartar into stiff peaks. The little miss was kind enough to document it as she waited patiently (kind of) to see if I would let her lick the spatula or have a maraschino cherry. Although this process of separated eggs is a bit more work it is so worth it in the end. This RECIPE does not disappoint! Using fresh pineapple put me one step closer to those tropical fields.  I could taste it in every sweet bite.