Bejeweled homemade valentine crown

A fun project for your little one!

Princesses and dressing up are all the rage as of late. A fitting activity for our valentine soiree was to bejewel a crown. Sure, you can buy those foam crowns at craft stores and do the same thing, but there is something more appealing to me about a homemade crown. I cut up a cereal box taking cues from a tutorial I saw on made by joel. I covered the printed side with pink paper and let the girls do the embellishing.

My favorite part? Well, I cut up sheets of sparkly and bejeweled stickers and placed them in the gold chocolate tray from the heart box I used for the heart crayons.  I found myself gazing at its sparkly beauty for long lengths of time and just smiling. That in itself would be a great valentine idea for a little one...remove the chocolate and fill with stickers! 

To see the girls decorating their crowns check out the details from the rainbow heart valentine festivities!