Bright Baby Shower {with owls}

Hot pink, orange and polka dots were the theme for my baby shower held this past Saturday.   Look, the tablecloth is finished! I had a little help (ok, a lot of help!) hand sewing these owls on.

Adhesive dot labels stuck together on bright embroidery thread make for a great garland to add a little dotted texture in front of the window.

Slightly twisted punch…

A silly game of guessing what kind of ‘poop’ was in the diaper. Different varieties of melted chocolate bars acted as poop. It was funny to see ladies smelling (and sometimes licking!) the ‘dirty diapers’. Especially Great Grandmas.

Another shower game where you freeze a plastic baby in an ice cube. Melt your ice cube first and shout “My water broke!”. I just like the photo.

A fun day!