Country house style and a dream

Flipping through the June issue of Elle Decor I came across these photos which all happen to come from houses in upstate NY. That of course made me a little homesick (just a tiny bit!). I've always dreamed of having a little country house with rustic style and lots of land. I'll tuck these ideas away and for now just daydream. upstate-wash-room

Dreamy wash room.

I imagine bringing in fresh cut flowers from my garden and preparing them for beautiful  arrangements. I would be wearing a flowy white dress and would leave my wide brimmed straw sun hat by the door.



library/get creative room.

What can we read or make today?



I asked my husband if he would please build this for me one day. A cozy niche in a field of wildflowers overlooking the castkills. Seems perfect.